Have You Tasted Razzlez

Razzlez, LLC is a California cannabis lifestyle company featuring premium quality cannabis, lifestyle apparel and accessories.


Have you Tasted Razzlez

Razzlez, LLC is a California cannabis lifestyle company featuring premium quality cannabis, lifestyle apparel and accessories.

Premium Cannabis

Our signature exotic is a high calibre, beautifully balanced, sweet hybrid.

Lifestyle Apparel

Visit our online shop for the latest shirts, hats and more from Razzlez.


Get the Razzlez paraphernalia including branded trays, lanyards & more.


About Razzlez

Forward thinking and always a step beyond the cutting edge,  the highly anticipated brand launched in 2021 combining culture, inspiration and mystique to the budding cannabis industry.


Razzlez Swag

The Official Razzlez Swag Shop is Now Open! Be sure to visit and check for new products as we continue to build our inventory with the latest in fashion and cannabis lifestyle accessories.


We are continually forging new partnerships and  encourage interested businesses  to get in touch as we expand our brand.

Razzlez Collection

Razzlez can found at Stiiizys, Cookies and select dispensaries throughout Southern and Northern California.

For the People

Fairly priced, Razzlez proves that high quality cannabis does not have to be wildly expensive. In fact, as a company “for the people,” Razzlez is deliberately priced at affordable levels while promising quality without compromise.



Dedicated to the craft, we provide only top-shelf, high quality cannabis.



Our dynamic hybrids are the result of carefully cultivated combinations as we endlessly pursue perfection.



Our brand, products and apparel embody the modern cannabis culture as we blaze forward.



We consistently engage with customers like you finding true value in your input and feedback.


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No! Selling cannabis online is 100% illegal. We do have a store full of swag for you to check out though!

Sativas are known for their “head high,” an invigorating, energizing effect that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus. Indicas are typically associated with full-body effects, such as increasing deep relaxation and reducing insomnia.

In 1937, in Denver, Colorado- now a state on the forefront of the medical marijuana movement, the first man ever arrested in America for selling cannabis was busted peddling a few joints. 57-year-old Samuel R. Caldwell, an unemployed laborer and former whiskey-runner during Prohibition, was sentenced to 4 years hard-labor in Leavenworth Prison and fined, a then, staggering $10

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